At Apontus, we understand that distribution is important to your company, and that your business thrives on products. We specialize in office chairs, barstools, patio furniture, general accessories, pet supplies and some of the most popular items out in the market today. We’re constantly adding new products so all of our inventory are up-to-date on trends.

We have taken the straightforward approach to the wholesale business by starting with developing items with the manufacture with the price tag in mind. This is the Apontus way, to maximize the use of materials in order to fulfill our customers’ needs and preferences by offering quality products at an affordable price.

Our business idea is based on a partnership with the customer. First we do our part, which starts with finding the most up-to date products and working with different manufactures. Next, we buy in bulk so that we can get the best deals and you can get the lowest price. Whether you are starting up, are in business for the short or long term, on a full or part time basis, we can offer you the fastest and safest route to success.